Ecommerce Web Application Development

Ecommerce web application development

Looking for a Ecommerce web Application Development in Delhi ?Elevate your online presence with our comprehensive e-commerce marketing agency solutions tailored to suit your business needs. From cutting-edge web development to strategic digital marketing, we empower your brand to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Ecommerce web Application Development Projects


Customer Login



The Customer Login of the application must be able to create an account .

pic 2


The web application must have login activity with a field for a registered mobile number .



The web application must have a home screen visible for all the customer of the web application .

pic 4


The web application must have a home screen visible for all the customer of the web application .


Account User

The user must be able to modify his personal information and terminate his account , if he has no pending orders .

pic 6


The user of an application must be abble to view a product list available for sale .

pic 7


After adding product to his cart , the user must be able to confirm his order and provide a valid address and a valid mobile

pic 8


The web application should have a page dedicated for general information about the web application .

Admin  Login



The login frame that will allow the administrator of the system to login using predefined login and password.


E-commerce Management

It allows the admin to view a clear list of orders made by the users of the web and mobile application .


Account Management

It allows the admin to view or delete accounts created by the users of the web or mobile application .


Tracking Management

The order will be tracked from the beginning of the placing of the order till it reaches the customer .

pic 4


Total collection , total order , total pending order all the reporting implemented.

Best Ecommerce web Application Development 2024


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Tech Stacks(eCommerce Website and Mobile App)

  • Frontend (Angular JS)
  • Backend (Node JS)
  • Database (My SQL)
  • Security (JWT Tokens )
  • Hosting  (AWS)
  • Payment Gateways (Razor Pay Payment Gateway API)
  • Tracking (Google MAP API)
  • Text Message  (Text Local)
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